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Chi introduces new 65g pack for Hollandia milk

Chi introduces new 65g pack for Hollandia milk

As parts of efforts to assist consumers overcome the current stringent economic situation, Chi Limited has introduced a new 65g sachet of Hollandia evaporated milk in the market.

According to the management of Chi Limited, the sachet milk, which is called “CORRECT WAZO”, offers 10g more than other milk brands selling at N50.

The management stated that despite the present economic challenges which has seen many other brands reduced quantity, Hollandia milk makes all the difference by offering 65g creamy nourishment milk at N50, to ensure the consumers do not feel the impact on their pocket.

The company stated that the milk is well packaged with the consumer’s health benefits and produced with the modern technology aseptic tetrapak packaging unlike other milk brands especially those in tins which raise great concerns about the hygienic condition of the milk due to the corrosive nature of the packaging material.

They explained that the tetapak packaging ensures that the product contains no preservations, while remaining creamy and highly nutritious.

‘It’s unique packaging also ensures supreme convenience as the innovative pour, cap and keep pack of the 215g eliminates the hassles of milk storage and design ensures longer safety from spoilage and contamination’, the firm added.

Link: The Guardian, Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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