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CWG launches ATM-as-a-Service initiative

CWG launches ATM-as-a-Service initiative

Computer Warehouse Group Plc has launched Automated Teller Machine-as-a-Service, a solution focused on enabling the growth in the financial inclusion to ensure a more thriving society.

This solution is aimed at increasing banks focus on core banking operations, increase bank ATM deployment and coverage as well as ensures cost savings based on ATM volumes.

CWG can provide all these with the vast infrastructure setup the business has to ensure efficient service delivery.

These infrastructures cover Technical Service Centre (ATM Repair Centre) ; Tier 3 data Centre; Satellite uplink facility; Customer Service Centre; Monitoring Centre; Training Centre; Application delivery and support team, and Software development team.

Having such expertise housed in CWG Plc ensures that they are able to provide the following services, through CWG ATM as a Service; ATM Deployment, Monitoring Solution, Logistics, Handling of spares / parts replacement, Secondary Power solution & support, Value Added Services, Call centre services, multiple vendor Management & Software upgrades.

The greatest assets at CWG are its vast collection of experts, to further strengthen its collection, CWG is pleased to introduce Ridwaan Hansia to the Group.

Ridwaan joins the CWG ATM Service Team as the ATM Services Director. A South-African National, with his vast experience spanning over 2 decades, he is an asset to the Pan-African organization.

Ridwaan has several years of software troubleshooting experience and understands our (CWG Plc) needs having worked in varying technical capacities across various African regions.


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