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German economy can weather VW crisis-minister

German economy can weather VW crisis-minister

News Agency of Nigeria

Posted by JOSEPH.IDIKA on September 29, 2015

Berlin, Sept. 29, 2015 (Reuters/NAN)

 The emissions scandal engulfing Volkswagen will not harm the German economy if the carmaker deals with it promptly and comprehensively, Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Tuesday.

Gabriel played down the broader economic impact, provided the company tackled the scandal properly.

“It’s up to the politicians to try to ensure that the jobs of the company’s 600,000 global employees…are not at risk,” Gabriel told reporters.

Volkswagen announced plans on Tuesday to refit up to 11 million vehicles and overhaul its namesake brand following the scandal.

Meanwhile, Turkey says it will revise its vehicle emissions testing methodology if it finds that emissions between idling and moving vehicles vary significantly

An Environmental Ministry official said on Tuesday that this was necessary after Volkswagen’s admission that it rigged diesel emissions tests in the United States.


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