Ngba Digital Time

How we work


We start with an enquiry and follow through till we are able to connect you to the right source.  We have developed our services from enquiries and the needs of our members and visitors in Nigeria.

We organise exclusive sector-related business networking events, including large forums coordinated by us with other partner organisations.  In October 2013 we organised the 2nd ENBF (EU Nigeria Business Forum) with AHK Nigeria, the EU in Nigeria and the Belgium-Nigerian Business Association.  We had 8 EU Ambassadors and 13 EU states present.  Members of the NGBA were active at the Forum.  Visit

We offer a variety of general and tailor-made services and benefits to our members and visitors in Nigeria.

Nigeria is Germany’s 2nd preferred business destination in Sub-Sahara Africa, whilst Germany is Nigeria’s 6th largest trading partner worldwide.  Through our close partnership and relations with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (AHK, Nigeria), the NGBA members have access to the AHK’s (German Chambers of Commerce abroad) in 120 locations in 80 countries on five continents and AHK Nigeria has access to over 400 Member companies in Nigeria.


A German and international company interested in the Nigerian market may be looking to;  

  • Explore and discover the huge potential of the Nigerian economy
  • Gather market information and due diligence for a commercial and businesses venture or a Government funded project
  • Carry out a fact finding mission
  • Setup a registered company

A Nigerian company may be looking to:

  • Explore and find business partnerships in Germany
  • Travel for Medical, Culture, Education or Tourism
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