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Nigeria’s Power Generation Hits 2-Year High, And Climbing.

Nigeria’s Power Generation Hits 2-Year High, And Climbing.

Nigeria’s electricity generation is enjoying a steady climb reaching a year high of 4,044 megawatts (MW). Industry experts are even expecting higher numbers in the coming months as on account of improved gas supply to generation stations and the rise in the water level at the various hydro power stations typical of the rainy season.

Inefficient power supply has been the West African Nation’s greatest economic bane, but the tide seems to be turning for the better with massive investments in the sector through public private partnerships. The country’s power generation capacity currently at 6,000 MW installed capacity is expected to grow to 40,000 MW by 2020.

On the attainment of the current feat, the special assistant to Nigeria’s Minister of Power on Gas, Frank Edozien pointed to the combined efforts of the government and the private sector, promising that the parties involved in the power business would sustain the tempo and improve on it.

“The government has put in place short-term measures that would ensure steady power supply to the power plants for the generation of electricity,” he said, adding that this was part of efforts to bring about sustainable gas supply so as to ensure steady power supply.

However, Nigeria’s electricity generation is still below its peak generation level of about 4,517.6 mega watts (MW) recorded in December, 2012, that industry analysts say, could be met and surpassed in no distant time if the upward trend continues.

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