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TGI Group wants German firms to invest in Nigeria

TGI Group wants German firms to invest in Nigeria

Tropical General Invest (TGI Group) has reiterated its commitment to promote investments in Nigeria using its vast international networks. The investments, it said, would help the country realize its plan to diversify the economy and create employment.

Speaking at the German-African Business Forum in Dortmund, Germany, Head New Business Development at TGI Group, Dr. Johannes Flosbach, explained to over 200 German business leaders and the great opportunities in Nigeria.

“It is key to see the current macroeconomic difficulties in Nigeria as a huge opportunity. Many import-based business models are coming to an end, but those companies that are committed to local manufacturing are the market leaders of tomorrow. As TGI Group we invite the German Business Community to form joint ventures with TGI Group and to invest into local manufacturing,” he said.

Flosbach explained that the TGI Group, the holding company of Chi Limited, WACOT Limited, Cormart and others, seeks to attract German companies to come to Nigeria and to form joint ventures with the TGI Group. It is also supporting government’s effort to bring more international investors to the country.

He said German companies are globally known for their high quality products and production efficiency. Deputy Group Managing Director of TGI Group, Christian Wessels, believes such partnerships will be beneficiary to German and Nigerian businesses alike. “German companies bring globally leading technology and efficient processes. TGI Group provides a platform for their operations in Nigeria. Together we want to create ‘German Quality, made in Nigeria,” he said.

He said TGI Group with over 8,000 staff in Nigeria has embarked on a strong growth strategy to use the current economic situation to significantly enhance its local manufacturing.

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