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Trade Roadshows

The NGBA proposes business delegations from Nigeria into regions and cities of selected countries to promote indigenous investment opportunities and locations during a road show.Trade Shows

The road show consists of 3 modules. Module 1 and 2 serve to prepare the final module 3.The NGBA offers a market analysis as module 1 of the road show. The analysis will outline the cooperation opportunities for the host countries participating companies with regards to the upcoming delegation.

In module 2, the NGBA aims to promote Nigeria as a business destination not only to potential foreign investors but also to those companies that intend to conduct business there and would like to open a branch in the province. This will be conducted in form of two information events in the host country. Module 3 represents the trip to the host country.Up to 10 Nigerian companies will account for the road show and visit the host country with the intention of finding potential distributors, agents and customers. Upfront, those companies need to be identified.

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