Ngba Digital Time

Virtual Office Service

For internationally oriented companies, Nigeria is one of the most important investment location and the strongest Economy in Africa. Regardless of market potential evaluations, market entry preparations, strategy development for market launches or the organization of quality management—it is worthwhile for German companies to be present locally.

However, finding suitable office, staff, meeting space, conference room, etc. that can be used for hour(s) as well as the right service providers in Nigeria are no easy undertakings. The Virtual Office concept, offers by the NGBA, provides a reasonable alternative to an own representation office or the establishment of an own subsidiary.

Next to the representation of your company’s interests on-site, we support you in selecting and hiring suitable staff, setting up a workplace in Nigeria as office space, and offer you administrative support from IT to finances.

Our Virtual Office provides the extensive network of contacts, as well as know-how and ample services.

Your key benefits are:

  • Save costs by making use of our equipment and HR
  • Stay in touch more easily with your clients
  • Profit from the profound market knowledge of our employees
  • Constant exchange of experiences
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