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Visa Advisory Service

Our relationship with the German Consulate in Nigeria with regards to visa application is purely an advisory service for business (i.e. NGBA is only allowed to promote business visa application for its members through advisory services).

Members are allowed to send their visa application documents to the secretariat for perusal and necessary advice. An appointment can be booked on behalf of the applicant through the German Consulate website and all documents would be arranged according to the checklist.

Please be aware that all applicants need to appear at the German Consulate for personal interview and it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to process the application. (It can be longer in some cases, especially when more documents are required for the processing of the application).

We urge members to start the processing of their visa applications in earnest to avoid unnecessary rush/delay and please note that the visa application form must be filled online (follow this link ).  Also, you can visit the German Consulate website for further information using this link.

For further inquiries on visa application through NGBA, kindly contact

Mr. Oluyinka Akande

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